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09/09/10 07:10 PM #1    

Debra Harshberger (Saylor)

I'm not quite sure I can adequately describe how I feel about my evening with all of you on Friday, September 3, 2010.  The layers of years and life's experiences (both good and bad, joyous and painful) have made us the individuals we've become.  At almost age 53, it can be pretty daunting a task to excavate the people we were in 1975.  For me, it began with smiles across the room, a couple of warm handshakes, and as the heartfelt hugs were coming from behind me and beside me, the walls began to crumble.  The "magic" Rocco spoke of in his post-party email to us...well, it worked.  We felt it.  By the end of the evening, the debris lay at my feet, and I was a kid again, with wiser eyes and an enhanced appreciation of what I always believed to be true - every single person to cross our path in this life has a unique, fresh, and redeeming way about them that contibutes to who we turn out to be.  I could not believe that some of the faces that had been a familiar part of my every day 35+ long years ago were in front of me again, with the same mischief, the same sparkle, the same kindness and warmth...only now they were weathered into handsome men and beautiful women whose hearts had grown even dearer in the years we'd been busy living our lives.  I realized that I came of age with some of the best people in the world, at a time and in a town much simpler than today.  The growing pains and the thrills, the fun and the heartbreaks - I would not have wanted to experience them with any other people than the Class of '75.  I found myself running when I needed to use the ladies' room because I didn't want to miss a thing.  So, my only suggestion for improvement would be to find a way to have made it last awhile longer...but I guess as the old adage goes, sometimes less is more.  Those who missed this well-planned, classy, meaningful reconnection with each other truly missed an opportunity to feel good about where you came from and a chance to celebrate with those who shared the journey.  I can honestly tell you...the wind has not yet left my sails.  Thank you all, for just being who you were then and who you are now.  You're a part of my most treasured memories, for always. 

08/19/22 04:50 PM #2    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

      I hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying summer turning into autumn and all the beautiful fall activities........"BACK TO SCHOOL"....what memories that brings. It seemed like summer vacations lasted forever back then. My how times have the blink of an eye the seasons pass one into another. But enjoy all the seasons as each one brings their unique characteristics and activities......the beauty of living in the Northeast.

    We have been trying to gain momentum as a class as we close in on our 50th Class Reunion. The Class is going to have a 65th Birthday Celebration in 2023, we have Breakfast Gatherings twice a month, we have e-mail communications as often as there is need to communicate, we have a dedicated Class Web-Site, we have a Class Facebook Page. My thoughts are that we are reaching a number of classmates and we will have the same classmates attending our events. My dilemma is that there are over 500 classmates that have not registered on our web-site ( check the home page where it lists locations of classmates and look at "unknown") I printed the list and started to look through to come up with a plan to connect with these classmates. My conclusion is that this will take ALL of us to scour the list and find classmates that we know and reach out personally to get them to register on the website. The more that are registered (with a valid e-mail) address, the larger our reach becomes. My respectful "ask" to all that are receiving these e-mails is to get involved and help to connect with these can message me the info on them and I can register them or they can register themselves. WE NEED YOUR HELP....even if its just one turns into two then three and hopefully all unregistered classmates. When reaching out, a valid e-mail address is important to get......let them know everything that is happening with our class events.

    Our 50th Class Reunion is going to be special.......our goal is to get as many classmates reconnected with our class and attend these events.....the breakfast gatherings, the class birthday party, THE REUNION.

    Our next Brekfast Gathering is tomorrow, August 17th at 9:00 am at Dennys......come and join us.

    Thank you all for your support and trying to connect with more classmates. 

    Until next time, my friends.

08/19/22 04:51 PM #3    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

         I hope this finds everyone doing well. I know I just sent a message out this week, but we need everyones help in getting as many classmates registered on our website so they receive the email correspondence. My fear is that so many classmates aren't aware of our events i.e. Breakfast Gatherings, 65th Birthday Party, 50th Reunion, FaceBook updates, etc.

     Here's our story in numbers

                                                 1,000        Approximate number of 1975 Graduates

                                                   420        Approximate number of classmates registered on our website

                                                  -120        Approximate number of deceased classmates

                                                 = 300       Approximate number of ACTIVE (alive) classmates getting emails

                                                   500        Approximate number of classmates not registered on website

    If nothing changes, the number of deceased classmates will increase making the number of active (alive) classmates registered on the website decrease. If more classmates do not register, we are missing the opportunity to connect with them. This can be corrected so ALL classmates at least KNOW that we have events. How? By getting active in reaching out to the classmates that you know that are on the list of unregistered classmates. I will be sending small alphabetical lists of unregistered classmates via e-mail. Please look it over and make the obvious contacts of classmates that you know. What to get?

      1. Please tell them all about what we are doing as a unified class

      2. Ask them to register on our website

      3. If they aren't comfortable, please get a valid e-mail address and cell # and send to me, I will register                 them

      4. Please tell them we have a FaceBook page : Altoona Area High School Class of 1975

      5. If they don't want to be bothered, at least we tried. but please let me know so i can make a note for                 future reference not to try to contact them


        Heres a short first list.....Thanks and GOOD LUCK

1.Terry Adams

2.Dean Allison

3. John Allison

4. Mark Allison

5. Richard Altiero

6. Tracy Ammerman

7. Emily Ann Aoun

8. Martha Arend Slowik

9. R. William Arthur

10. Lenora Astore

11. Alan Baker

12. Clinton Baker

13. Donald Balasco

14. Deborah Ann Balliet

15. David Balsley

16. Linda Barkley Fanelli

17. Francis Barroner

18. Randall Barroner

19. Deborah Barry Leonard

20. David Bartek

21. Brian Bathurst

22. Roberta Batrus Parisi

23. Daniel Bauer

24. Cathy Baum Doran

25. Frederick Beck

26. David Behe

27. David Belfield

28. William Beltz

29. Connie Ann Benton 

30. David Benzel

31. Michele Berard Beigle

32. Diana Berkheimer

33. Lorina Berkheimer

34. Frank Berryman

35. Randy Bickel

36. Bruce Blythe

37. Kenneth Bollinger

38. David Boslet

39. Lonnie Boslet

40. Toni Bowers Musselman


Until next time with another list.  Thanks for the help 

08/19/22 05:22 PM #4    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates;

        I hope this finds everyone doing well and probably saying "What in the world does he want now!!!!"

Well, first off, Thanks for opening the e-mail........I'm trying to get all of our classmate info as accurate as possible along with getting every classmate registered. Here's my ask today. I am attaching a list of deceased classmates that do not have a year of their passing. If you know the year of any deceased classmate on this list, please message me and i will update their information. Thanks as always for your support of our class. 

Until next time (probably sooner that later), my friends

 James R. Anderson (Anderson)
 | Dennis J. Behe (Behe)
 | Deborah Benner (Turiano)
 | Robin Benner (Messner)
 | Janet C. Bergstrom (Yon)  
 | James E. Bigelow (Bigelow)  
 | Paulette Binus (Jacobson)
 | Diane E. Blair (McFadden)
 | Cheryl Brown (Hasson)  
 | Susan M. Cheslock
 | James M. Clapper  
 | Jo Ann Clinger
 | Karen A. Conrad (Greenwood)  
 | Arthur R. Conway
 | Dennis Mathew Cooper (Cooper)
 | Mary Costlow (Bowman)
 | Joseph M. DeCriscio
 | Ricky L. Dobson (Dobson)
 | Robin R. Duey
 | Michael L. Figurelli
 | Cheryl Flanagan (Gottshall)
 | Thomas J. Gaeto
 | Karen Marie Hart (Gallagher)
 | Walter A. Hayes
 | Joseph D. Hicks
 | Gerald T. Hollern (Hollern)  
 | Glenn Hostler
 | Daryl Wesley House
 | Kyle Huber (Gwin)
 | Charles J. Knee (Knee)
 | Harold H. Knob
 | Richard A. Laich
 | Richard A. Leighty
 | Jeffery A. Mock (Mock)
 | Thomas Joseph Montler
 | Cheryl Anne Moore  
 | Patrick J. Nagle (Nagle)
 | Susan M. Pacifico  
 | Michael P. Page  
 | Pamela Rae (Matt)  
Joseph J. Rauch
 David A. Robinson (Robinson)
 | Mark A. Romine
 | Joseph F. Roub (Roub)
Dianne Rutherford (Apple)  
 | George Eugene Ryan
 | Stephen J. Shaffer  
 | Brian T. Shannon  
 | Debra L. Shuma  
 | Pamela Stevens (Boysen)
 | Walter James Stevens
 | James Berry Stout
 | James M. Straesser
 | Jacquiline Beth Thompson  
 | Kurt A. Wagner
 Leroy Wilt Wentz  
 | Mark A. Wynn

08/19/22 06:31 PM #5    


Ronald Brian Servello (Servello)

Janet Yon (Bergstrom) passed away December 24, 2009. Wonderful person and a good friend.

Ron Servello

08/20/22 11:25 AM #6    

Barbara J. Butler (Butler)

Kyle Huber Gwin passed away in October of 2020  Very much missed by friends

08/20/22 11:29 AM #7    

Barbara J. Butler (Butler)

Lou Ann Frederick passed away October 31 2021  She is not on your list .Went to Fairview with Lou Ann

08/20/22 04:53 PM #8    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Thanks Barb,

     I updated to file to include Lou Ann. Sad to lose another classmate.

08/29/22 01:29 PM #9    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

    I hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying all the blessings in our lives. Not everyday is perfect and sometimes life throws a fastball or a curve. If you're struggling , you have our thoughts and prayers for peace in your life. I recently had a conversation with a friend who was struggling with health issues and felt helpless that I couldn't do anything to fix it or help. But then realizing, my friend didn't expect me to be a miracle worker, only to be a friend and listen and talk. Be that shoulder to lean on or that listening ear or that person that cares enough to take time and BE THERE. That could be the miracle that someone is looking for.  

   As promised, here is the next list of classmates who are not registered on our website and not getting e-mails. We have had many classmates register from the initial list that was sent. If you know anyone on this list, reach out and ask them to register or get their e-mail address and send it to me and I will set them up. Our goal as a class is to get as many classmates informed about our class events and let them make the choice to attend or not, but at least they all know about the events.

Vesta Bragonier (Black) 
Joan Breinich (Sweeney) 
Helen V. Brennan (Brennan) 
Deborah Brode (Seilhamer) 
Bradford W. Brokaw (Brokaw) 
Beth Brooks (Solensky) 
Ruth A. Brooks Vaughn (Brooks Vaughn) 
Deborah A. Brown (Brown) 
Teresa Priscilla Brown (Paqueletbro) 
Michael L. Brozgal (Brozgal) 
Kathryn E. Brubaker (Brubaker) 
Paula Brubaker (Green) 
Catherine Bulsok (Hocherl) 
Stephen D. Burd (Burd) 
Maryann Burget (Shea) 
Deborah A. Burket (Burket) 
Lee Burket (Burket) 
Matthew W. Burns (Burns) 
Vincent A. Burr (Burr) 
William C. Bush (Bush) 
Richard C. Butterbaugh (Butterbaugh) 
David L. Butterworth (Butterworth) 
Richard Butterworth (Butterworth) 
Stephen J. Byrne (Byrne) 
Caressa A. Campbell (Campbell) 
Larry A. Campbell (Campbell) 
Mark P. Campbell (Campbell) 
Conan P. Canole (Canole) 
Cindy M. Carothers (Carothers) 
Clint A. Carothers (Carothers) 
Deborah A. Carter (McNitt) 
Melvin L. (Chip) Cashman (Cashman) 
Judy Cataldo (Cataldo) 
James W. Cerully (Cerully) 
Sophia C. Chan (Yeung) 
Victoria Chestney (Noel) 
Jack L. Chilcote (Chilcote) 
Anthony A. Chwatek (Chwatek) 
Sharon Lee Claar (Leo) 
Robert E. Clapper (Clapper) 
Mary Ann Clari (Clari) 
James D. Clark (Clark) 
Cynthia L. Cohen (Cohen) 
Kevin P. Coho (Coho) 
Darlene Cokrlic (Gentsch) 
Stephen C. Coldwell (Coldwell) 
Michael J. Colombo (Colombo) 
Lucinda A. Colpetzer (Colpetzer) 
Jayne F. Condron (Holland) 
Randall P. Connelly (Connelly) 
Michael Ray Conner (Conner) 
Christopher P. Conroy (Conroy) 
Karen Lee Conte (Conte) 
Carol Cover (Rowles) 
Sherry C. Cowart (Ellis) 
Charles M. Crider (Crider) 
Bonnie Crotsley (Socie) 
Matthew J. Crowley (Crowley) 
Melody Crust (Hewitt) 
Susan A. Cuff (Cuff) 

     Good luck and THANK YOU to many classmates that are staying active and reaching out to classmates on these lists.

    Until next time, my friends.

10/17/22 02:43 PM #10    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

          I hope this finds everyone doing well and probably still rubbing their eyes in disbelief that our Steelers actually beat Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the Steelers offense RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK!!!!!!! Congratulations to the Steelers and NEVER count them out.

Well, this Wednesday October 19th at 9:00am is our next Class of 1975 Breakfast Gathering at Denny's. We have been enjoying our get togethers with a loyal following of "regulars". Now I know there are many of you reading this that say "I'm going to go to that Gathering one of these days" . Wednesday should be "one of these days"!!!!!!!! No time like the present, what are you waiting for........ make the effort and be the next "first timer" to attend an event...... be a trend setter, a leader, a rebel, a renegade........ whatever you want to be, just join your classmates for a breakfast, no catches, except a good morning spent in great conversation. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much we've all grown up over the last 50 (almost) years, except John Gallace, he still looks like a youngster.

Until next time (maybe Wednesday) my friends, remember, NEVER pass a childs Lemonade stand without stopping and buying one (leave a nice tip)......... that is a lifetime memory for that child.

11/24/22 12:52 PM #11    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

        I hope this finds everyone doing well and preparing to indulge in the Thanksgiving Tradition of feasting together with friends and family. HAPPY THANKGIVING to all. We've all been told and heard of the reason for this Holiday which has its roots in coming together and sharing in the gratitudes that life has offered to all of us, with the oldest traditions of "breaking bread" together. Theres something about sharing a meal that seems to break down any barriers or past indifferences that might exist. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful, certainly for family and the many blessings, but also for the friendships that have been made during my life, long standing and re-kindled friendships. Cherish and nurture both so they continue and strengthen.They add to the quality of our remaining years. As we've seen too often, when we lose a friend, family member, classmate, etc., it takes a piece of us as well..........make the most of those relationships while we can. As you gather together today, I'm sure you will all give thanks........perhaps make a commitment to re-kindle a friendship that has dimmed or re-connect to an old friend, make amends to a fragile relationship.........the effort could result in a more fulfilled life movinf forward. Not every such effort has that ending,but without making the effort, you might never know the outcome. I am certainly grateful for re-connecting and making new friends through our class events....reunions, birthday parties, breakfast gatherings, etc. 

      Our next Breakfast Gathering is Saturday, December 3rd at The Dream Restaurant in Hollidaysburg at 9 am. This Saturday venue change is only for December as Prime Buffet has a Christmas party in the room we gather. January's Saturday Gathering will be back at Prime Buffet. Our Wednesday Gatherings will continue at The Dream in Hollidaysburg in a private meeting room at 9 am. We would love to see more classmates come out to join in the fellowship and friendships......remember, your first time to a Gathering is FREE.....we're positive you will enjoy the time. If you've been thinking about it, just make up your mind and come out, if you're on the fence, give it a try you might enjoy it, if you're totally against doing anything with our Class of 1975, I respect that and wish you well......we will miss you too though. 

     Until next time my friends.......

         "Life is full of surprises. When your day is wonderful, cherish it. When it becomes difficult, stay strong. 

        There are no guarantees how many days you have left so be grateful for each and every one of them."


12/01/22 03:23 PM #12    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

       I hope this finds evevryone doing well and shoveling out of our first snow accumulation of the winter season in Central PA. This has been an emotional week for those of us who knew classmate, Rod Gottshall. He sadly passed away on November 10 and he was laid to rest on November 15. Rod was truly a genuinely all around good guy. He was a friend to everyone and will be deeply missed. R.I.P. Rod, we had some fun times together.

       Today. we had our Class of 1975 Breakfast Gathering at our new Wednesday location, The Dream Restaurant in Hollidaysburg. We welcomed classmate, Ken Trude, a first time attendee, but certainly not the last time. it was great to see Ken and catch up. Looking forward to many more gatherings together. Remember, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come, I have to call out a couple classmates who PROMISED to attend soon, Tom Sipes, Barb Strohm Staines, Barb Heiss, Autumn Condon Kauffman and Tim Seasoltz. No pressure but we'll be waiting for you at the next gathering on Saturday December 3rd at The Dream Restaurant (Yes, not a typo, Prime Buffet has a Christmas function in our room so we are moving just for this time) still at 9:00 am........remember, you get a free breakfast your first time attending. I promise you will enjoy the time spent with classmates.

      Our Class of 1975 65th Birthday Celebration is scheduled!!!!!!! Friday August 25th Curve Game, then Saturday August 26th at the Tavern 27 (Park Hills).for a social time.  We have the outside patio contracted with a deposit. Times will be decided, but pencil in the weekend to attend and celebrate our 65 years of life. As we are witnessing too often, we cannot take anything for granted.......each and every day is a blessing.

    I have attached the next list of Classmates that are NOT REGISTERED on our website,, if you know (which I'm sure many of us know some of these classmates) anyone on this and the other listes I sent out, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get their e-mail address and send to me and I will register them or have them register themselves, it's EASY. We at least need to get as many classmates registered so they receive our e-mails. Don't forget to LIKE us on FACEBOOK Altoona Area High School Class of 1975.

      Until next time my friends, our friend Rod Gottshall was selflessly an organ donor and a statement he made when he decided to be a donor was exactly the kind of person he was......"I hope that whoever gets my eyes, sees life like I did"    WOW......that's all folks.
Becky Ickes (Logan) 
Patricia Ickes (Watkins) 
Deborah D. Ingham (Prosser) 
Janet Lee Ingram (Ingram) 
Donald E. Irvin (Irvin) 
James M. Ivory (Ivory) 
Janie Jackson (Wilson) 
Robin Jackson (Fitzgerald) 
Vance E. John (John) 
Charles E. Johnson (Johnson) 
Kelley J. Johnson (Schaffer) 
Mark D. Johnson (Johnson) 
Karen Johnston (Macak) 
Robert C. Johnston (Johnston) 
Deborah M. Jones (Jones) 
John A. Joseph (Joseph) 
Andrea L. Karnes (Garneau) 
Janet Kasprzck (Barstow) 
Rose M. Katen (Diehl) 
Debra L. Kauffman (Kauffman) 
Jerry L. Keith (Keith) 
Loretta Keith (Mangia) 
Rebecca Keller (Miller) 
Jeffery A. Kelley (Kelley) 
Steve Kelsey (Kelsey) 
Mary Elizabeth Kessler (Adams) 
Brian D. Kidd (Kidd) 
Harry B. Kipp (Kipp) 
Susan Klein (Woleslagle) 
Sheila R. Knepp (Winstead) 
Rodney William Knipple (Knipple) 
David E. Knob (Knob) 
Walter B. Koller (Koller) 
Bryan P. Koon (Koon) 
Michael J. Kristofco (Kristofco) 
Diane M. Krohne (Cover) 
Thomas J. Kruise (Kruise) 
Lucinda A. Kuhn (Kuhn) 
William H. Kumpf (Kumpf)

12/06/22 11:07 AM #13    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates:

        I hope this finds everyone doing well and preparing early for the fast approaching Christmas Holiday. Only 20 days until that Blessed Day. Sometimes and unknowingly, we can take our blessings for granted. Unfortunately, until we are faced with a situation that changes our lives, we don't fully appreciate or grasp the small things that might go under appreciated.

        We've had many classmates that have passed from us way too early, we have had classmates that have struggled through health issues, both physically and mentally, we have had classmates that lost husbands, wives and children. Life presents challenges as well as blessings.........recognizing both can put into perspective what is REALLY important..

     In July of this year, we lost a classmate, Linda Murray McGinnis. Lindas husband, Rick, was also a classmate. A tragic loss for the family. Rick wanted to let classmates know that there is a scholarship fund set up,in her memory for future graduates which will be awarded annually. 

     Anyone interested can make donations to the Linda McGinnis Scholarship Fund. Checks can be made payable to the AAHS scholarship fund -memo-Linda McGinnis and mailed to 1404 6th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602.

      I recently became aware of another classmate that had life changing health issues. Classmate, Mike Nazaruk, recently had one leg amputated below the knee due to a blood clot condition and as a result, gangrene killed his leg.

     Steve Maurey, suffered a Stroke earlier this year and is continuing to struggle with his mental health issues.

     Jim Mattern, had extensive surgery to battle cancer and is slowly recovering.

   Lou Rago has had many health issues and in his own words, shouldn't be alive today, but for the grace of God

     I'm sure there are many other classmates that have been faced with life changing circumstances and our thoughts, blessings and prayers go out to all.......but sometimes, giving help in the form of assisting with physical chores, assisting monetarily, ,etc. is needed.

     I'm asking for any suggestions, from our classmates on 'What More Can We Do?" to help those that need our help. Please send in any ideas on how we can make more of an impact to classmates in need. As always, we have a great class and I appreciate all the support. What more can we do?

     Until next time my friends............A persons most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.


12/13/22 10:36 AM #14    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

                         I hope this finds everyone doing well. It is with a heavy heart that this message is sent. We lost another classmate and friend. Jeff Beasom, passed unexpectedly, yesterday. Jeff recently moved to Florida from Texas and was looking forward to his retirement. He was a good friend from way back to Jr High. His brother-in-law and our classmate, Tim Reighard, passed on this sad news. Our prayers go out to his friends and family as they struggle with his sudden passing especially during this holiday season. 

                     Strength continues to come from FAITH.........even when the lights fade and hope seems to as well, we call on our FAITH to bring light and renew hope. Until next time my friends, pray for the family of our classmate, Jeff Beasom

12/20/22 04:01 PM #15    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

        I hope this finds everyone doing well and relaxing for the beautiful upcoming Christmas Day. Regrdless of how old we are getting, Christmas continues to be magical. Maybe a different magic than when we were young, but still the Day continues to bring an energy of life, hope and love to our lives. Keep the youth of Christmas. Heres some timeless advice to keep it Magical and Undistracted:

1. Slow Down

2. Be Present

3. Be Grateful

     Enjoy your family. Your undivided TIME and HUGS will always be the best gifts they can receive. Merry Blessed Christmas to all of you.

     Until next time, my friends ............Prayers for strength for those that are weak, hope for those that feel lost, faith for those that are struggling, light for those that live in darkness. 

P.S.     Don't forget that tomorrow, Wednesday December 21 is our last Breakfast Gathering in 2022. This gathering is at The Dream at 9:00 am. Come on out and join us as we say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to  a great 2023. 


01/03/23 02:56 PM #16    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates:

       I hope this finds everyone doing well and relaxing into another year. I'm sorry to start this year out with sad news, but we lost another classmate this week and I was informed that we lost yet another classmate in 2018 that we didn't know about.

     On Friday, December 30, Charlie Moore passed away unexpectedly. Charlie was a regular attendee at our Breakfast Gatherings and was set to retire in a few short weeks. Those of who knew Chuck remember his ever present smile, always pleasant. He told us at the December Gathering how much he was looking forward to retiring to spend time with his grandchildren and one more on the way. Sometimes life doesn't quite seem fair as we can't understand why things happen the way they do, but no one is guaranteed tomorrow, so live today as if it were your last day. 

     I just learned that another classmate, Janet, Kasprzak Barstow, passed away in 2018. She was friends with Christina Negri, Jays cousin and she was dear friend of Christina's. 

     As we enter into another chapter of our lives that we author, let's write a masterpiece in 2023. Make this chapter the most memorable of the book so far. Start today, do things that make a difference in peoples lives, do random acts of kindness, these don't have to be monumental, but to that person, they may be. Give back when you can, it's not always about money, sometimes it's our time that is most appreciated. Rescue an animal from a shelter or a rescue, volunteer for a good cause. Be a mentor to a young child, they need guidance in very negatively influenced society. Pray, we all need divine guidance. It's your story to write and in the case of our friend Charlie, we never know when that last chapter will be.

   Until next time my friends.......start your masterpiece

02/01/23 03:24 PM #17    


Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

       I hope this finds everyone doing well and welcoming in February 2023 and saying goodbye to January 2023. Another day closer to Spring!!!! Fair warning to all you Gentlemen..........Valentines Day is two weeks away and we know how fast time goes by. Plan ahead for your "Sweetheart" and make her feel special. Don't wait until the last minute and get the "grocery store" roses........kinda gives it away when you come home from the grocery store with a dozen wilting roses wrapped in clear plastic with  a barcode on the wrapper. Send her something, get a card and actually write something in it, take her to dinner or better yet, cook her favorite meal, candles and wine included. Then do the dishes while she relaxes.It's her day......MAKE IT SPECIAL. Remember how to romance your can have its benefits. Ok, Ok........I gave you enough ideas and plenty of's in your hands now.

      This is the year that we will, collectively, celebrate our 65th Birthday. Make plans to attend a Curve Game on Friday, Go to a Class Breakfast Gathering on Saturday morning then celebrate with a Birthday Party Saturday evening at Tavern 27. All the little details will be communicated as we get closer to August. Check the Home page of our website for details. Speaking of our website, thank you to everyone who has helped other classmates get registered, but we still have over 500 "unknown" classmates that are not registered on our website. Please help to locate the classmates you know and get their e-mail addresses and send it to me and I will register them or ask them to register. The more we can get communicated, the more that will attend our's a WIN WIN. Thanks for your help. And while I'm thanking you, THANKS for the classmates that have stepped up and sent in donations to our class fund. The more we can build this fund, the less our ticket prices will be for the reunion and hopefully the MORE CLASSMATES THAT WILL's a WIN WIN AGAIN. As of now sending a check is the best way, I'm looking into Pay Pal and Venmo for alternate ways to send in donations. But in the meantime, send your checks payable to AAHS Class of 1975 to 342 Bel Aire Road Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. Tim Reighard is our Treasurer and will give updates periodically. Thanks Tim.

      Our 50th Reunion is planned for 2025, and is going to be a milestone event, We've been sharing many ideas at our Breakfast Gatherings and it is sure to be an awesome Reunion. Send in any ideas that you may have or better yet start attending our Breakfast Gatherings to share ideas. Always the 1st Saturday at Prime Sirloin and the 3rd Wednesday at The Dream......always at 9:00am........great company and conversations.

    Until next time, my friends......Let go of what you cannot change. Recognize that some things are just oit of our control, and that's ok. Let's go and focus on what you can change and make a difference.

                                               DON"T FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!

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Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

         I hope this finds everyone doing well. We have a classmate that needs our assistance. As you know, our classmate. Mike Nazaruk, recently had his leg amputated. Although a life altering event, Mike is keeping his spirits positive and looking forward to getting his prosthetic and gaining mobility back. Mike need a handrail installed by his outside door. He already has the handrail but needs it installed. I'm sure we have some classmates with the handyman expertise to help out a classmate in need and install the handrail so Mike can safely use the steps to his house. If this fits your skill set and can give of your time and talent, Mike could use your he mentioned, "time is of the essence" as his only way to enter and exit is not safe now.

       Please contact me so we can set this little project may be a small project to complete but the results will be enormous for him. Looking forward to getting some replies.......I will assist in the project. Thanks for your gracious and generous responses.

     Until next time my's the small things we do that have the biggest impact to those who receive them.

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Ronald Brian Servello (Servello)

I wish I could help Mike! I just got hernia surgery. It sounds like an easy job.


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Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

           I hope this finds everyone doing well, adjusting to the time change and welcoming Spring of 2023. The time change thing just doesn't make sense and has more negatives than ANY positives. Can anyone name one positive thing about changing our clocks twice a year........back then forward. ??????????  But Spring is here and the beauty of it all is starting to's great to get outside and start the yard projects. Get out and breathe in the fresh air and connect with the sounds and sights of therapeutic and brings energy to the soul.

      Some great things are happening with our class connections and events. If you can reach out to any classmate that you know who is not receiving these emails or connected on our FaceBook Page, please get an email address and send it to me, or ask them to register on our class website Our FB page is Altoona Area High School Class of 1975. This is how we stay connected to all the news and updates about our classmates and upcoming events. And please take a moment to check your own profile on the website to make sure all the information is correct......e-mail address, home address, cell number, birthdate etc. You just never know when you might get a "pick me up" card or a special treat delivered to your house or a phone call to say hello.  We've had some very nice response from those that already received one those from the Class of 1975. Just another way to stay connected in a more personal way. There will be some classmates that maybe don't want to be bothered.....much respect to that....but for those that are still interested in staying connected, reach out by commenting on our FB page, come to a Breakfast Gathering twice a month, every month, make plans to attend our 65th Class Birthday party (even though many of us are turning 66, its a symbolic milestone). 

    Speaking of Breakfast Gatherings, here's a good way to make your first showing and not feel shy or unsure what you're walking into. Our next Gathering is Saturday April 1st ( yep, April Fools Day) at 9:00 Prime Sirloin Buffet, but NO FOOLING.....we are having the Easter Bunny at our breakfast, so bring your Grandkids (or your kids Al Abraham) visit the Easter Bunny, say hello to some classmates, eat breakfast or just sit and chat for awhile. You will see how engaging these breakfasts are.........every classmate that comes, always comes back. This Bunny opportunity offers you a chance to "sneak peak" what its all about and a chance to bring your Grandkids to see that Rascally Rabbit, oh wait, thats the other Bugs.

    Our 65th Birthday party is all planned;

       August  25       Friday night Curve Baseball game

       August 26       Saturday morning 9:00 am Breakfast Gathering at Prime Sirloin Buffet

       August 26        Saturday evening Tavern 27 (Park Hills) Birthday Party

       August 27        Sunday morning 9:00 am send off Breakfast Gathering at Dream Restaurant

To make it easy....all events are pay for yourself. 

     A wrap up request, please keep our classmates that are struggling with any issues (health, financial, emotional, addictions) in your prayers and if you know any classmates that need any help, we have a very willing group of classmates that will help in any way we can, but we need to know. We had a great story about helping Mike Nazaruk get a railing installed to help him navigate after having his leg amputated. Classmate Sue Banks Kyper and husband Steve installed within 24 hours of being aware of the need. By the way, Mike received his prosthetic leg and is learning how to use it, he will be back at our breakfast Gatherings very soon. 

     Until next time, my friends.........find peace in imperfection. Nothing in life is perfect, including yourself and others. Instead of striving for flawlessness, find joy in the imperfections that make life unique. 



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Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

        I hope this finds everyone doing well. It seems like all the news I have been posting recently have been news of classmates passing, parents of classmates passing, injuries and health issues. I try to send more pleasant news when I come across it and try to find more good than sad. I'm sure there is much more good news out there than I've not been aware, so PLEASE, if you have GOOD NEWS about our classmates, send it my way so I can share. We all like to hear that stuff too.

      Recently, I communicated the passing of some classmates mothers, Marianne Sickles Grabowski and Dawn Baier, both lost their mothers during the same week. Prayers to them. It seems like this time in our lives is when we experience the passing of parents, friends and all too often our own classmates. These sad events often bring a sudden closeure to a lifetime of memories, many good, some sad but no more memories will be made. Only the thoughts the past make an impact on our lives. The reflection on these events that I have experienced had profound effects on the way I view the remaining time I have. Not to dwell too deep into my own thoughts, but a few thoughts to ponder as we enjoy our remaining time  (sounds like I'm thinking doomsday, but not at all, only the reality of living). As lyrics in the song "Hey You" by the Clarks state....."you have to live to die".......says it all the things you want to do, treat people the way you want to be treated.....don't sweat the small stuff.....don't put off what you can do now to a later day (that day may not come)......reach out first to family, friends and acquaintances, don't wait .......don't complain, rather appreciate and give thanks, don't be so quick to judge, you never know whats happening in someone elses more and argue less........tell the ones you love that you do. Over the years of sending out messages, many classmates , parents, children, relatives, friends have passed changing events, for many, but not the end for those remaining. LIVE before you DIE!!!!

    Make the MOST of is A Wonderful Life,  George Bailey.........hopefully it doesn't take ASC Clarence Oddbody to remind us.

    A couple reminders...

Attend our.Breakfast Gatherings held twice a month, the 1st Saturday of the month at Prime Sirloin Buffet and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at The Dream. Always at 9:00am and ALWAYS FUN

Attend our AAHS Class of 1975 Birthday Party THIS YEAR August 25, 26 and  27th..Check out details on the Homepage of our website

Make plans to attend our AAHS 50th Class Reunion 2025....detail to be announced

Send in donations to our class fund to defray the cost of our 50th reunion...details on Homepage

Update your information on the website 

Notify classmates to register on our website 

Follow our FaceBook Page Altoona Area High School Class of 1975

Until next time my friends and remember.......Nobody grows old by living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.

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Rocco Alianiello (Alianiello)

Greeting Classmates,

         I hope this finds everyone doing well and that all had a wonderful Mothers Day. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate the lives of our Moms, both living and deceased, and to those classmates that are Moms and Grandmas, to be celebrated as well.

       We have communicated over the years, the losses of many of our classmates parents. Truly a life changing event to lose a parent. For most, they have been a guiding force and constant support in our lives. Sometimes the impact of their influence isn't truly realized until, sadly, they are no longer with us. For those that still are blessed with one or both parents, this is the time in our lives when we become the caregiver, support, companion, friend, etc. Cherish the time because they need us and appreciate the changed roles in our lives. 

    I recently had a scare with my Mother, a very healthy an independent 92 year old. She recovered and is back to herself, but the immediate thought of possibly losing her, was hard to comprehend. After all, she has been healthy, living independantly, still cooking my favorite meals, going to church, playing cards with her friends, etc. The reality for ALL of us, is that, the time will come, ready or not, so cherish the present, do the little things NOW. Don't live to have regrets later. That recent day when I had to call 911 for my Mom was an eye opener. As strong as she has been all her life and for her children, don't assume that it will always be that way.

    So for all you Mothers, children with living Moms and those that Moms have passed.......the impact you have is immeasurable, don't take anything for granted and celebrate a life that influenced and loved unconditionally

         Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!       Until next time, my friends.

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